June 2020 - Separating the Wheat From the Political Chaff


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About the Presentation

The fiscal and monetary forces set forth by the government are epic. There is more coming. No doubt the largesse has something to do with the pandemic and something to do with the reality of this being an election year. Both are profoundly powerful forces that will shape the economic landscape not only for the second half of 2020 but also for 2021 and beyond. We will focus primarily on the impact through 2021 and a) how different markets are likely to perform, b) what decisions/questions you should be contemplating based on the economic changes we see ahead.

What will attendees receive?

Attendees will leave the presentation with an understanding of:

  • What the road signs are that they should keep an eye out for that will enable them to act on their plans for the recovery.
  • Why ITR Economics is maintaining its outlook for a 3Q20 onset of rise in some aspects of the US economy and how that recovery momentum will spread over the course of 2021.
  • What could go wrong that would make us want to change our outlook and how much it would likely change.

Questions to be answered

  • How will the forecast(s) change if there is a second wave of COVID-19?
  • What are some near-term and intermediate-term practical management decisions that need to be made going forward?
  • Will the presidential election results alter the economy’s trend for 2021?

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