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DataCast Essentials

Immediate Access to Our Expert Insights

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    Internal Sales Trends
  • autonomous
    Management Objectives ™
  • compare
    Forward View for the Business

Benefits of  DataCast Essential

  • Creates a forward view for your company’s sales providing a roadmap from which you can plan with confidence.
  • Gives advice on what types of management strategies you should be implementing based on where your company is in the Business Cycle.
  • Provides visibility into which of your products or services are performing the best to assist with inventory and sales management.
  • Identifies your relationship to economic trends to assist with knowing how the current economic environment will impact your business.

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DataCast Pro

Immediate Access to Our Expert Insights

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    24/7 Online Access
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    Build Reports Autonomously
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    Compare Company Data Against ITR's 10,000 Leading Indicators

Benefits of  DataCast Pro

  • Shift easily between your datasets to generate forecasts for sales, shipments, orders, or any performance metric for which you have historical data
  • Generate and export easy-to-interpret charts and graphics and arrive to any meeting well prepared
  • Increase your ROI in your growth plans – identify markets of opportunity or risk with the help of your complimentary Trends Report™ subscription
  • Take advantage of your included one-hour consultation with an ITR Economic Analyst and be confident in your interpretation of the data

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Why Choose ITR Economics?

  • Industry-leading foresight with expert advice on applying forecasts to daily management decisions
  • Economic intelligence with hands-on management takeaways
  • A forecast firm where the duration of the forecast is just as important as the accuracy
  • Tailored management solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients

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Forecast Accuracy

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