2023 Commodities Outlook

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About the Presentation

“Volatile” does not come close to describing the pricing environment over the last couple years, but as the US and world economies undergo slowing growth, we need to take a pause and examine what this means for commodity pricing. We will discuss the latest demand drivers behind price changes and take a deeper dive into metals, lumber, and oil and gas.

Context is everything in economics. With many commodities in deflationary territory, we will look at our forecasts for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024 to give you the upper hand on the costs of key inputs such as metals, lumber, and oil and gas. We will then examine how labor may be affecting the relationship between raw material prices and the prices of finished goods.

Values Provided

  • An update on demand drivers behind pricing
  • A deep dive into key commodities: metals, lumber, oil and gas
  • What all this means for costs, and why labor pressures may keep overall inflation elevated

Questions Answered

  • With growth slowing for most economies around the world, how will demand factors impact prices?
  • How will key commodity prices perform over the next four quarters?
  • How will labor challenges impact profits in 2023?

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