Addressing Your Labor Challenge in a Tight Market

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About the Presentation

There are two job openings for every one unemployed person right now. This is making it exceedingly challenging for employers to attract, train, and retain their workforce. In this webinar we will look at the demographic and other drivers behind this imbalance. We will also examine what it means for wages, both today and in the future. Finally, we will provide and discuss a list of Management Objectives™ pertaining to how firms can best address the challenges this tight labor market creates.

Values Provided

  • A forecast for how long the tight labor market is likely to persist
  • Wage data across a host of industries and an overall wages forecast for the US
  • Management Objectives™ pertaining to how to best attract, train, and retain workers

Questions Answered

  • What factors are contributing to the exceptional tightness in the labor market?
  • How long should my firm be prepared to deal with a tight supply of labor?
  • What can I do to increase my retention rate with my existing employees?
  • How can I position my firm to be attractive to job applicants?

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