June 2019 - Challenges and Changes Through 2020


About the Webinar

Business cycle decline in the US and the world will persist into 2020. It is important to know the trends, understand how they will impact you, and know what to look for regarding signs of the next business cycle rising trend. Financial and operational budgets may be unrealistic and lead to decreasing profits if you aren’t in sync with the economic realities through 2020.

Values provided:

  • Feeling too reactive? See tomorrow today and make profitable decisions.

  • Been caught unaware in the past? Surprises in business can be costly; we eliminate some of those surprises for you.

  • Looking for new ways to increase profits? Stabilize profits even when the top line isn’t and grow profits faster when the top line rises.

  • Are you competitive in your markets? Be ahead of your competitors by knowing and understanding the road signs that they will miss.

What will attendees receive?

  • Attendees will know which parts of the economy will lead the general business cycle, which will be coincident with GDP, and which will lag the general business cycle. This enables them to develop a realistic timeline for decision-making.
  • Attendees will know which leading indicators are working for this cycle and which are not. This is important because leading indicator utility is not a constant, and you can become beguiled by the wrong indicators.
  • Attendees will walk away with confidence that they understand what is ahead and can plan for their businesses accordingly.

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