Disinflation – Re-inflation − the US Dollar


Event Details

  • Live event at ITR Studio A - 90-minute presentation - December 15, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. ET
  • Recording and slide deck included in purchase (emailed 24 - 48 hours after conclusion of live event)

About the Presentation

Commodity prices are currently deflating. Consumer inflation is coming down. The Fed is seemingly very impatient. By the time of the webinar, we will know just how impatient. These trends have ramifications for our businesses both on the cost side of the P&L and the revenue side. Our objective is to inform and prepare you for the changes that are ahead.

Anticipating the future based on headline news won’t cut it if you want to maximize your profit potential. That is where we come in. Data driven. Apolitical. Interested only in providing you with the Management Objectives™ needed to make the best of the opportunities ahead.

This event is sponsored by Chief Outsiders, an organization dedicated to helping mid-size companies build the marketing engine they need to accelerate growth.

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What questions will be answered?

  • What does disinflation mean, and how probable is it?
  • Once inflation is wrestled down, will it stay down?
  • How does the current inflation outlook fit in with ITR Economics’ 2030 outlook?

What will attendees receive?

  • Understanding of:
    • Why there will be disinflation through 2023
    • How commodity price deflation is a factor
    • Why we think inflation will be a general concern through this decade
    • Management Objectives pertaining to inflation

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