Global Outlook – Key Trends Through 2023 and Beyond

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About the Presentation

ITR Economics is expecting the US economy to enter recession within the next 12 months, but has our outlook changed for global markets as well? This webinar will provide a high-level overview of ITR Economics’ analysis of international economic data, as well as our expectations for key foreign markets. We will compare industrial data from major regions including Canada, the EU, Brazil, China, Mexico, and others, and we will examine how events in recent years have affected the global supply chain, prices, and more.

Values Provided

  • Analysis of industrial production and the GDP data of foreign economies
  • Discussion of the global supply chain, exchange rates, commodity prices, and risks to our expectations
  • Identification of areas of opportunity at the international level
  • Exploration of how reshoring trends will present both opportunities and challenges in the year ahead
  • A review of our long-term global outlook, including the next Great Depression, and how that could play out on the global stage

Questions Answered

  • Will the Federal Reserve’s actions have consequences for foreign economies, such as the EU, China, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and others?
  • Which regions will provide the best opportunities during the current business cycle? Are there any countries that will avoid recession this cycle?
  • How will reshoring trends impact trade relationships with foreign economies and the global supply chain?
  • Has ITR made any changes to its expectations for the next global Great Depression?

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