Identifying Regional Trends and Business Opportunities Throughout the US

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About the Presentation

Take a summer vacation across the US, examining economic data and the growth opportunities it highlights. This webinar will identify trends in Gross State Product (GSP), state population growth, construction, and industrial activity across the US. By examining state-level and regional data across a variety of sectors, we will refocus the economic conversation, from the high level to a more granular view of US economic activity.

Values Provided

  • Analysis of state-level data to help identify regional opportunities
  • Consideration of the drivers behind growth
  • Identification of critical sectors of the economy by region

Questions Answered

  • Which states are growing the most rapidly, according to metrics including population and Gross State Product?
  • Where should businesses look to invest?
  • How does my state or region compare to the US average?
  • Which areas do not provide attractive opportunity and would be best avoided?

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