September 2019 - Macroeconomic Update: Preparing Your Budget for 2020


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About the Webinar

For those involved in financial planning, shifting macroeconomic trends bring an additional level of uncertainty to budgeting decisions.

Please join ITR economist and speaker Lauren Saidel-Baker September 26 at 2 p.m. EST for a 60-minute webinar that will bring clarity to the complex economic picture. This session will feature discussion of current and future economic trends, including ITR Economics’ forecasts for the macroeconomy and specific market segments during the early 2020s.

What will attendees receive?

  • Learn how ITR Economics’ rate-of-change and leading indicator methodology can reveal business cycle trends
  • Macroeconomic and market-specific forecasts which can be used to inform planning decisions
  • Walk away with actionable economic insight and suggested Management Objectives

Questions to be answered

  • How can companies benefit from rate-of-change and leading indicator analysis?
  • What economic factors should companies consider in their planning decisions?
  • When should we expect the next recession?
  • How strong is the US consumer?
  • Which markets are likely to outperform? Which are likely to underperform?
  • How long will the labor market remain tight?

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