Opportunities and Risks in the Nonresidential Construction Space

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About the Presentation

Special Edition Webinar with ITR Director of Research & Development Eric Post

The vast majority of markets we track at ITR Economics are undergoing slowing growth or recession. Nonresidential construction, which is accelerating in its ascent, is a key exception. However, firms in the nonresidential space must reckon with a multitude of risk factors: a labor shortage, volatile materials , high interest rates, and more. The focus of this presentation is on what the trends are now, what they are likely to be in the future, and – most importantly – how to prepare your business to emerge from this period of uncertainty in the strongest possible position.

Values Provided

  • A clear understanding of the relative opportunities and threats to your business
  • Practical advice on what management actions to consider as you work to optimize your business during the coming years
  • Greater certainty about the future in an uncertain time

Questions Answered

  • Where is the nonresidential construction sector headed in 2023−25?
  • Which markets have the strongest fundamentals? The weakest?
  • I am reading a lot about recession risk and interest rate hikes. How can I best prepare my business for those threats?

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