November 2020 – The Results Are In: This Is What Changed for 2021-2022


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Presented by ITR Economics CEO Brian Beaulieu and President Alan Beaulieu

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About the Presentation

The economic uncertainty arising from this federal election cycle is intense. We are not forecasting the results. However, we are preparing to address your concerns depending on who wins the White House, which party controls the Senate, and which party controls the House. We know that once a layer of “unknowns” is removed, you will make the decisions necessary to prosper and profit going forward.

The results of this election could make a difference to the overall economy’s trend probabilities. We think the more you know, the less likely the election results are going to alter your personal economic results, because you can pivot, perform, and prosper. It has always been that way in our capitalist system.

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Values provided

  • Attendees will get an understanding of how the election result may impact their businesses in the 2021-2022 period.
  • Changes to the economy may not show up until 2022, if at all. We think it is important to provide guidance about the post-2021 recovery period in a post-election context to maximize the potential for success in your strategic plans.
  • Attendees will get a clearer picture of likely winning sectors within the economy stemming from the election results.
  • The question of whether the election result will change our outlook for interest rates and inflation will be addressed.
  • Attendees will get an analysis of the prospects for employment/unemployment as a function of who controls the government.

Questions to be answered

  • What are our recovery/growth prospects as a result of the election?
  • Which markets are likely to win, and which might lose?
  • Does this change the outlook for interest rates and inflation?
  • What does the election result mean regarding the timeline for 2030?
  • Is the election result a positive or a negative for employment growth and therefore my ability to find qualified labor?

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