July 2020 - Recovery & Eventual Growth Versus Depression


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About the Presentation

COVID-19, unprofitable oil prices, extreme government responses, horrific economic data, and unintended consequences make seeing into the future more precarious than ever at a time when a measure of clarity is imperative. We will look at the most up-to-date, forward-looking data to discern where we are going and what the near-term indications are for the economy.

What will attendees receive?

Attendees will leave the presentation with a clearer understanding of what the numbers are telling us regarding the economy’s outlook through 2021-2022 and what our analysis is telling us about the rest of this decade and the 2030s.

Questions to be answered

  • How would the occurrence of a second wave of COVID-19 impact ITR’s forecasts?
  • How likely is recovery leading to growth versus a more “the depression is upon us” view?
  • What unintended consequences might we see from the government’s handling of the pandemic, and how will that influence the economic forces of this decade?
  • Why does ITR Economics think the Great Depression is still a phenomenon of the 2030s?

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